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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eton G3

I Bought one of these from Martin Lynch In Chertsey    by visiting their shop 

First, I should say something about this firm and my experience of them.

I have only used them twice on the basis that they are the most local to me, this time, I feel they have lost my custom, This radio was bought direct from the shop and had a price label on it of £99.00, however I was charged £105.00 for it and no effort was made to sell it to me at the correct price, I have since found it at other shops for £89.99 including delivery.

So it cost me £20.00 more from them then it would from anywhere else, I have used them once before, and didn't have a good experience.

I bought a radio from them via their website a couple of years ago and a few days after they had taken the money I called them to ask what was happening to it,they told me they had sent me a letter.
The letter dully arrived and informed me that if I wanted to have the radio that I had paid for then I would have to send them two utility bills to confirm my identity.

I asked to cancel the purchase and they decided to send it to me, so my personal advice is to buy from another seller.

The radio itself seems ok, its not a brilliant radio and its not terrible either.

It has a kind of rubberised feel to it, so its not slippery and easy to grip, but takes while to get used to the feel of. So far the reception is not brilliant but might be better, if I had an external antenna,I cant honestly recommend this radio but, its OK for general listening and monitoring

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