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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Expedition to Hastings


Made a trip to Hastings and found a car park right by the beach, I read that Transmitting by the sea can lead to good contacts.

Brr, its cold, set - up with my little FT-857D, YT-100 and am-pro 20 whip on a mag mount on the roof, set the power out to 25wats, do a quick tune on the middle of the band and tune around

12.10pm 27/1/2012

I found a very strong station  14.255 mhz claiming to be Transmitting from Moscow, give them a call, amazingly they hear me and answer.

Seems that the call-sign RK3DXW might be unlicensed, at the time I have the contact, Im not aware of it, so think myself to be lucky to talk to them.

Serge sounds very young, its it a club station ? waiting for my call seeker plus cd to arrive so I can look them up.

(update Turns out they have a website, though they are not in call seeker)

12.35 GMT Yl2CF :Latvia, nice contact if a bit noisy

II3CV ( Italy) Heard, called , didnt reply

HZ1BO:Saudi Arabia, called, didnt  reply

DD4BS Germany , Black forest, nice strong contact.

a few more, but band seems to clamp right down,

Tune to 40 mtrs, with a different whip

Incredibly noisy , Have a contact with Alberto, never get his full call-sign

Speak to mark EI7IS in southern Ireland

Lots of strong German stations popup, they cant hear us, but we can hear them, qso, difficult with all the noise, but we make it

The band is very busy and noisey, cant find a clear spot

G6OHM Andy in Cambridge uk, gets swamped by Germans
15.30pm, pack up go home.

73s G6KQS

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