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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Planning for Communication Outages

Now I don't want to come across an a harbinger of Armageddon, But: 
Is it the end of the world?
 Every so often,communications, do go down, remember the London Bombings,
the times your phone or Internet has gone down or there has been a lot of snow, floods, or other cause of no communications

So Who do you turn to, what do you do?
Frustrating if you cant talk to anyone about it.

Local Radio amateurs self train to communicate in poor conditions.

How long this would last, is hard to say,if power went down for an extended period, then, generators, would have to be used.

Lets hope, it isn't the end this year.

If it does all go off, then it not likely to be a big bag of nothingness, but a slow breakdown of services

So in a way, Im ready, I reckon that I could have my radio going for 3 or four days and If I could borrow a generator, then much longer.

In theory, If I could get to a hill top, I can probably, reach help of some kind.

Be Kind to People with Ariels at the end of the pier, or on top of hils. One day them may help to save you.

73's G6KQS John

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