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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun Cuble Dongle Pro review

Getting back in radio, is a tough prospect, so much has changed since I got my licence, (1981) so I have obtained a few books and a new radio or two.

I recently bought the Funcube dongle and to be honest, its hard to set up and hard to use, I cant tell if it even works, all I get is background noise, if people post messages on its yahoo groups, you get messages like, "you need filters", so its not really anything useful out of the box, and there are lots of things to do once you get one.

  • Download the latest firmware ( If you can tell what that is)
  • Download the interface ( Which one ?)
  • Download some other software (so you can see what looks like a rolling road, scrolling down the screen.

This is supposed to be an educational project, so far the main thing I have learnt is that, I'm so far behind in this kind of tech, that I cant receive anything, that does not sound like white noise.
You may find it fun and useful, , I found this to be frustrating and a waste of money

 Fact is I didn't understand it, and the documentation , does not seem to take beginners into account.
The Yahoo groups seems to be full of user who claim its easy to use and it must be me.

One or two tried to help, but after a couple of weeks of messing about with it, Id had enough.
They did on the positive side accept a return and gave me a full refund , so I only lost £7.00 in postage.

For some it may be a great toy, for others a massive disappointment

Fun cube dongle


  1. My Funcube Dongle is fantastic. It works from 50 to over 1700MHz and it's very sensitive and I use it without a filter! Don't know what you did wrong? No need to download firmware on new ones...they have the latest version on it already...For software there is alot, free on the internett like Spectran, winrad, argus,spectrumlab, spectraveiw etc...
    The step by step manual on the website is easy to follow.
    LA3EQ Jan

    1. Well, Ive told my story and returned the dongle, my opinion remains as above