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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How old is this callsign?

Im How old ?

 Ive been operating since 1981 on and off,
 and Id like to think that I can speak fairly well.
But, its amazing how many times people don't hear my callsign correctly.

Golf Six Kilo Quebec Sierra
That's the way Im supposed to say it

George Six King Queen Spain
Sometimes i try this as well

Its the last letter they dont get.

Apart from the fact that G6xx calls were last issued in 1939, that makes it just possible at the
 age of 73, I suppose that they still might be active.

Dont we all think that its more likely that there will be three letters after the G6
Maybe its the way I say it, it probably is, but some days it makes me frustrated.

We dont have vanity callsigns in the uk, or I would have changed it years ago.

Any ideas on how to make this easier to copy

Golden Sixer Kelvin Quinsy Sibilance :) 
Microphone back to you


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