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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mydel 30SW III

Mydel 30SW III
Switched Mode Power supply.

Unless you have been hiding under a table for 20 years ( Have you really ? ), nearly all amateur radio transceivers are powered by DC @12V~.
I used to have a linear Dc Supply, that weighed about 8Kg, but that went to Ebay years ago.
This little PSU is quite amazing, it weighs about the same as a big bar of chocolate ( A Very big one )

I can hold it in one hand no problem.

Using this I can see that , the voltage drops a bit 0.1-0.3 of a volt on current drain and the fan in the back is running all the time, however its very quiet. I bought this from proviation shop @ under £85.00. including Delivery

It was delivered by ML&S who have it on sale for just under £87.00 plus delivery.

This power supply also is sold under the name of Radiocom PS-30SWIII sold by Lam communications

It has a handy Voltage control and a switch to change between the set 13.8v  up to 15v and a noise control Knob, so far, I cant hear any interference on any band, This looks and feels like a bargain.

73s John G6KQS

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