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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watson PBX 100 MKII

I recently did some research into a portable antenna. Now throwing up a wire into some trees, seems like it may be a good idea, however, thinking back to the places, I have driven and the general surroundings.

I don't remember any/many trees and the ones that I have seen are on national trust property, so I cant think they will be happy for me to throw wires up in them.
So I have purchased:

A Watson PBX-100-MKII.
It has arrived.

The Instructions that came with it are less then helpful ,so, I spent an hour or so,messing about with it at home, when the temperature goes up a bit , Ill take it out and try it.

I think that in order to be comfortable when Im out Portable, we have to have a temperature of 7c/45f
or more.

The next few days are forecast to be 1c or less the next date we can expect 7c will be Monday, so, I'm planning to go out then.

Update: 7th February

I spent some more time assembling this antenna indoors as the temperature has not gone above 3c for some days.

Tools needed include: 13mm Spanner to tighten up the screw in parts, a spot of oil, to lubricate the threads,A cross head screwdriver, a wire stripper and more wire.

The tripod that came with this is fiddly to assemble, once I had worked out that, you have to slide things around quite a bit to get the different parts to fit  and the base of the tripod need to be manipulated so it fits to the bottom of the mast.

Its made out of soft aluminium, so I cant see this lasting very long being taken out portable, there are score marks on the metal after a short time of adjusting it.

I found a scrappy bit of paper in it which says it was supplied by Sandpiper Antennas, however they have it for sale on their website For £150 plus postage, I bought it from WSPLC For £139.95 plus postage.

Time will tell how well this will work as I dont have space to roll out radials at home, neither do I have an earth to use, that wont flood my block with RF,.

The spikes that stick out of the mast, I thought might be radials, but they are the other coils that come with the antenna, a total of five one is for use as the the resonator on different bands, you swap around .
In any case these spikes apear to be electrically connected to the main mast, its going to be interesting to find out how this performs

In a way I wish Id stuck with my original idea of a fibreglass fishing rod and some wire :)

Watch this post for more updates, if it goes more than another week before I use it in anger, Ill make a new post


  1. He he. Glad you posted this; it's put me off! Have you thought about one of these instead and ebaying your fancy ant?

  2. I have and use a PBX100 antenna and have been so impressed with the performance I have decided to permanently install it at my home QTH. 73 DE Mike M0SAZ.