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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YT-100 Tuner

YT-100 Auto Tuner By LDG:

Ive tried this out a few times now and this is my experience of it so far:

Pressing the Tune button for one second and releasing it, does nothing, pressing and holding until the light goes out, makes it tune.

I tried out my 20 Mtr whip on 40 meters and the tuning made the swr, very low, but of course no one could hear me , using resonant whips, the tuner had nearly no work to do, however it took the same amount of time to tune on a resonant whip as it did on non, resonant, I also tried it out on a dummy load and had the same result.

The Radio Im using ,FT-857D, didn't show any movement on the swr setting on 25-50w however it moved a tiny amount on 100w, Ive only had two outings with it so time will tell if there is a problem with it or not.

The Cat Cable, isn't very good ( its very short too) and tends to fall out from time to time.
Of course it should be obvious  that placing the Tuner on top of the transceiver, covers the speaker grill, and putting the Radio on top, would be a bit unsafe.

Its a bit bonkers, that this is made in Taiwan, shipped to the USA, shipped here to the UK and then bought in a shop in the UK.. think of the air miles :)

73s John G6KQS

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