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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back on the air

The new tuner has arrived its a MFJ 949 E- although rather touchy , (it needs better knobs) its performing ok and shows no sign of getting warm, let alone burning out, keep an ear out for me on psk, its always nice to have a qso, conditions seem rather dead today, with hardly anyone heard on 20m , lets hope things pick up a bit

Saturday, June 8, 2013

LDG Electronics YT-!00 Failure

My turner started smoking badly today its over a year old, no no chance of a free repair then, im off air until I can get a tuner replacement ,after it cooled down and stopped smoking I found it still works.. it will need a repair , but now Im down to 30w on psk as per the manual, hopefully I wont do any more damage ,Sent it off for repair 11 June, The repair shop say,its beyond economical repair , bought a new tuner today  16th June, it will be here tomorrow.
Turns out the tuner I bought wont run without power, so, ordered a different one, it should arrive today 18th June.

today on 17Mtrs

Today on 17M

  Callsign  Time   Band  Country
  EA8ATE    10:18  17m   AF Canary Is.
  RK9CXM    09:36  17m   AS Asiatic Russia
  4X1SK     13:44  17m   AS Israel
  JL1QOC    15:52  17m   AS Japan
  UN7DA     15:52  17m   AS Kazakhstan
  TK4LS     15:12  17m   EU Corsica
  SV9AQI    16:00  17m   EU Crete
  OK2CRB    08:55  17m   EU Czech Republic
  G1DLC     10:37  17m   EU England
  RD3AJB    16:32  17m   EU European Russia
  DL7UDA    09:46  17m   EU Fed. Republic of Germany
  F1GVY/P   09:32  17m   EU France
  HA5DSC    08:57  17m   EU Hungary
  IZ8QKP    10:36  17m   EU Italy
  SP6LUP    10:15  17m   EU Poland
  YO3DFI    09:28  17m   EU Romania
  YT7TU     15:53  17m   EU Serbia
  EA5ALJ    16:28  17m   EU Spain
  UT5JCE    16:29  17m   EU Ukraine
  AJ4ZU     16:11  17m   NA United States

Automaticaly loggged stations ( not Worked) From Margate Kent

  Monitored over night

  9A2QG     05:49  20m   EU Croatia
  RA6CY     05:46  20m   EU European Russia
  DC1MRR    07:30  20m   EU Fed. Republic of Germany
  F4AYM     07:00  20m   EU France
  SV7JLA    06:43  20m   EU Greece
  HA5BSC    06:41  20m   EU Hungary
  IW2CXB    07:18  20m   EU Italy
  LB2M      05:42  20m   EU Norway
  SP3SLO    07:14  20m   EU Poland
  YU7AU     05:17  20m   EU Serbia
  EA3KY     06:49  20m   EU Spain
  UX7MX     06:50  20m   EU Ukraine

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amateur radio PORN

Yep Its Ham Porn

Yaesu FT-857D, LDG YT-100 Tuner Diawa HF SWR Meter,ZLP Digimaster Pro 3 Interface,Acer Laptop,Little gnome with QSL card :) Extension speaker . QRZ !!!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yes its true Digital radio has finally appeared on the G6KQS Station, Ill show you mine if you show me yours :) more about this soon.